Sotogrande Long Term Rentals

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Are you looking for a long-term rental property in or around Sotogrande? Do you want to rent an Apartment, Townhouse or Villa? Are you looking to relocate to Sotogrande? At Schellhammer Estates we will be glad to assist you in finding your ideal property.

Sotogrande is a very attractive place to live all year round, with hundreds of individuals and families living here. The proximity to Gibraltar, makes Sotogrande a popular destination for expats working in Gibraltar. The Sotogrande International School as well as other educational institutions in and around Sotogrande also makes Sotogrande a preferred choice of residence for families.

Practical Tips and Facts on Renting a Property in Sotogrande:

– Over the past years unfurnished properties have become rare, so you may need to be patient to find one.
– Certain apartments may have a storage facility (trastero), be sure to ask if this is important to you.
– The availability of properties for rent on a long-term basis varies drastically throughout the year.
– Depending on location, you may find that there are no properties available the closer you get to summer.
– As a general rule, a landlord may require one / two months security deposit (fianza), but this can vary.
– For certain properties, a landlord may also require references, copies of work contracts or bank guarantees.
– The duration of contracts by law is a minimum of three years, with a five year duration, the previous norm.
– An apartment of 2 / 3 bedrooms in the Marina can cost anything from 700 up to 1,500 per month.
– A townhouse of 2 / 3 bedrooms in Sotogrande can cost anything from 900 up to 2,500 per month.
– A villa of 3 / 4 bedrooms in Sotogrande can cost anything from 2,500 up to 4,500 per month.
– There are also a very limited number of very exclusive villas and mansions from 5,000 per month.
– Certain luxury properties or those in gated communities may have a premium price tag.
– Properties that are reasonably priced with fair conditions and terms are snatched up fast.
– Be aware of bait: A number of property websites are filled with property listings that are not available.
– The current trend is that overall prices have increased and supply of properties is decreasing.

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